1.    Eligibility for any activity shall be determined by the achievement grades of the preceding interim period (5 weeks) except that eligibility during the first interim will be determined by the final grade earned by the student from the previous year and any attendance in summer school.  All grades must be reviewed at each five-week interim period.  If a student should fail more than two courses, the student immediately becomes ineligible for participation.

2.    A student who has failed one class (a letter grade of F) shall be given a warning.  The student should be counseled by his/her coach/advisor or supervisor to take advantage of extra help.  The principal shall make certain that a written notice recommending the same is sent to the parent/guardian of the student involved.  Indeed, extra help and strong communication efforts with the home should be an objective of all faculty members with all students, not only those involved in co-curricular activities.

3.    If a student has failed two courses, he/she shall be placed on probation for a three-week period.  This probationary period will begin the day after the prior interim review period.  The student shall be required to attend extra help for a minimum of two sessions per week per class, throughout the probationary period.  This may be accomplished before school, during a free period, during a lunch period, or after school.  If the student does not attend extra help sessions, the student will be deemed ineligible for the remainder of the interim period.  If at the conclusion of the probationary period the student is still failing two courses, he/she shall be deemed ineligible to participate in any co-curricular activity for the duration of the review period.

4.    Any student on probation shall be given a contract specifying the number of failures and number of times he/she must attend extra help sessions per week in each course failed.  The student, parent/guardian, coach/advisor, and the teacher of the course(s) failed must sign the contract.  The completed contract must be submitted to the building administrator assigned to administer the policy.

5.    If at the end of the three-week probationary period a student is still failing one course, the coach/advisor and/or supervisor should recommend that the student continue to take advantage of extra help.

6.    If a student fails more than two courses, said student would immediately be ineligible for participation in a co-curricular activity for the current interim period.  The exception of this rule is of the student attends summer school and successfully passes two of the courses previously failed.

7.    A student involved in a co-curricular activity shall have his/her eligibility status reassessed at the conclusion of each interim period.  If a student is failing more than two subjects, the student immediately is ineligible until the next review.

All students involved with interscholastic athletics must have a signed permission slip on file (contact the Athletic Office).



A student who believes that the Eligibility Policy and or Administrative Regulation is not being implemented correctly may appeal his/her placement on probation via the following procedure:

A. Write a letter to the building principal stating the rationale for the appeal and requesting a hearing.

B. Within five days after receiving the letter the principal will convene an appeal panel consisting of the following personnel:
1. Assistant Principal (Panel Chairperson)
2. Guidance Counselor
3. Two teachers (not the student’s)
4. Athletic Supervisor, Coach/Advisor (an athlete will have
a non-athletic supervisor on his/her appeals panel and a club/band etc. participant will have the athletic supervisor or coach on his/her appeals panel).

C. The student may present any evidence he/she desires including witnesses.

D. The panel may request any information and call any witnesses it believes are necessary to render a fair decision.

E. A vote of the panel will be taken and the results of that vote will be submitted to the building principal for final action.

F. The principal will communicate in writing to the student the outcome of the appeal.